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Before Roca Labs
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

What Are You Eating Besides Roca?

There have been some questions about what people eat while they are on the Roca Labs Gastric Bypass NO Surgery Formula?

Well, some people argue that they were already on a reduced calorie diet before starting Roca. Well, it states in the literature and on the website under: What results can I expect?
"From day one, eat 50% less than before without feeling hungry...With less food intake, you enter a calorie deficiency, where you burn more calories than you consume,and you lose weight from day one-though this will not be noticeable immediately."

I don't know about you, but I will have to increase my dose. I must have a bucket for a stomach. This is coming to the end of week#2 for me. So far I only lost 2lbs. But will be 'weighing- in' on Monday.

A Sample meal:

April 22,2011 Yesterday

Breakfast:I added Roca to my 3/4 c.applesauce + a med banana and 5 strawberries

Lunch: I had 4 oz fish and water

Snack: orange

Dinner: baked chicken & steamed veggies

One Week Observation: I felt noticeably fuller throughout the day when added to applesauce. I also felt like gagging but added more sauce to the mix, it was fine. When I started last week, I only added it to water with crys. light (CL) and then drink it before it gets thick. What I noticed was that I didn't feel as full and I had to take 2 doses. But i was also constipated , gassy and bloated.

Week #2 is coming to a close and must state that I feel much better than last week. I'm not having as many sweet cravings as before. EASTER is tomorrow April 24th, 2011 and it's also my House Settlement closing date Anniversary and I admit, it will be tempting to celebrate with fattening food,& Easter candy.

So this brings me back to the original topic question , What Are You Eating Besides Roca? I hope that you are focused on the renewed energy and less on what you are putting in your mouths. I'm going to give it more time to work, I know that I'm not eating the 2600 daily calories needed to maintain my Pre Roca weight.So if the 90% chance of success is true and I continue to eat 50% less food, then 50% of 2600 calories is 1300 calories per day. That is healthy calorie reduction.

To get additional feedback on how many calories we should eat, visit other adventurous places on the web like Sharkpeople an all in one site. There are also coupon sites,At the coupon queen site you get everything you need to help you re-organize your kitchen & cupboard. It may not help with answering the question, WHAT ARE YOU EATING?, but it will surely help you burn more calories. These are just a few suggestions to help you save money on food while you save and burn calories. I'll be back to do a feature article on Tools & Gadgets for the kitchen & Gardening Ideas.Take care!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Deciding to Try the Roca Labs Mini Gastric Bypass NO Surgery Formula? 10 Tips & Insights Before You Start

1. Weight vs. Wait-Lo$$

If cost is a factor, try saving up for it. During my research,this seems to be the most common issue even though it is less expensive than the gastric bypass or lap band procedure. If you have tried to lose weight as much as i have, and or you are having health related problems associated with obesity then you know that now is the time challenge your weight loss issues and win.

2. Compare and Contrast

Review as many videos before hand of actual gastric bypass patients with patients of Roca Labs NO surgery formula. Why? You get an idea of what the sacrifice will be from actual participants to help you with your decision. Recently, I happen to be sharing a room with a Lap Band patient. She looked fabulous, but was complaining about reflux and had to sleep sitting up in the bed. I also noticed that during the day, she hardly ate anything. That experience is what will keep me motivated on this program.

3.Write or journal your findings

This is what I am doing, constantly. There are very good you tube channels that are helpful. There are books & blogs like this one as well.There's alot of information on the internet. How accurate it is anyone's guess. I believe that your documented account becomes your reference source, especially if it works for you.

4.Identify your Support Team

This is important. The suggestions here do not replace the medical advice of your doctor, therapists,etc. Go to your doctor and get approval and share your findings. this might also be a good time to get your physical and bloodwork done. Get your family involved also. A great nutritional support site is . It was recommended by the doctor of my accountability/exercise partner at the local YMCA.

5. Housekeeping To Do

If you live with supportive house mates, this will be easy to get rid of food that no longer will serve you well. My partner is also overweight. That's why i can't be around him for too long. He's a good guy though.
I'm in the process of cleaning out my cupboards of food , condiments, processed foods, and adding good foods, like those Miracle Noodles.

6. Binge Eating Reforms

Speaking of housekeeping, I talked about this on my segment on Blog Talk Radio: it's not what we are eating, but what's eating us. Find out what causes you to be stressed and to overeat. Take proactive steps to correct your emotional highs and lows and eliminate the stress. Believe me, I've had my share of them.

8. Pre Roca Labs Cleanse & Exercise

It's a good idea to do a cleanse diet before you start. Get all of that stuff out of your colon. Ask anyone who's had surgery about the benefits of a cleanse.Still not ready to try the formula? Do the cleanse anyways. Bet you those jelly donuts, you'll feel better afterwards. (remind me to talk about how to do a proper BM.) I've been doing protein shakes , broths, teas, & get your exercise. 30 minutes cardio 3 times per week is fine.

9 Supplements

Do a google search for bariatric supplements to get an idea of what you'll need for protein shakes, bullets, vitamins,etc. Drop me an email if you want recommendations.

10. Social Media & Weight Loss

Utilize FaceBook, Twitter, You Tube, Blogger, join their groups/forums or create your own. I'm doing just that. It is time consuming. I travel now so it is getting even harder to keep up with everything. There is a great Facebook Support forum for mostly Roca users. However I've observed comments from non Roca users as well. Some people are not comfortable sharing information on the internet, that's ok as well. This leads me to conclude with this final caveat:

Don't Brag About It, Just DO IT!

If you decide to Order the Roca Labs Mini Gastric Bypass NO Surgery formula, be sure to print out or save your order number. I contacted customer care. They were very helpful; I had Jean , she was quick in answering my question about my order. Blogging is a good way to document your journey and to participate in the discount program that they offer.Click here

XXTRA BENEFIT: Participate in the Roca Labs 50% Off Video Testimonial

I'm looking for high definition video equipment to take my before during and after video shots. Any suggestions would be helpful you can send them to my You Tube Channel. As you probably noticed, this video on my channel looks grainy and fussy. It was posted sometime ago. I was wearing a size 16 then. My channel profile pic i was a size 18-20. I know that I'm tired of having five dress sizes of clothes in my closet,aren't you? Written down,those sizes read like the "big five" lotto gone bad,SMH.

If you think this blog post was helpful, leave me a comment, subsrcibe, and share this with your friends. In the meantime,I'll be taking lots of pictures.

All the Best!

Miracle Noodle SEE FOOD RECIPE on the Roca Lab MINI Gastric Bypass NO Surgery formula

Hi Everybody,

It's April 5th 2011 & I'm waiting for my Roca Labs Mini Gastric Bypass NO surgery formula shipment to arrive. I ordered it on April 1st, which is April Fools Day!

To pass the time I thought I'd share a recipe using the no calorie/low calorie Miracle Noodle.
Although this is not a product review I've tried this brand before and it is filling like other pasta dishes but it doesn't make you tired. I even found a coupon code for the this brand.
There are other brands of noodles like Skinny Noodles as well So I'm excited about using this with the Roca Labs Mini Gastric Bypass NO surgery formula.

Shrimp Fettuccine


1lb. medium fresh shrimp
1 7oz. bag of Miracle Noodle (keyword: asian noodle)
2 tsp.tarragon, basil, oregano (or any italian seasoning)
2 tbsp olive oil, butter or margarine


Boil water add Shrimp. Rinse pasta and add to shrimp. Reduce Heat.
Meanwhile, heat olive oil, butter, or margarine in small saucepan, add spices and stir. Drain Pasta with shrimp. Pour spice mixture over shrimp,and marinate. Serves 4

For better noodle flavor, let it marinate in the spices. this has about 9gm of Protein per serving for a total of 36gm of protein and 0 carbs.